Monday, January 2, 2017


Rest = hiatus/no activities
Close = closed down

"I hate Rotta, I oppose to the season greeting's fan meeting"
"I oppose to the season greeting fan sign"

"I pretended like nothing happened with Mr. Potter, but they've crossed the line... I oppose to the season greetings fan sign"

fist 2 saying the same thing that they're opposing the season greeting fan meeting
"They're doing a fansign for Rotta's calendar... There's so many other good photographers...I oppose the season greeting fan sign"
"For the minor Eunchae and for the rest of the members, I oppose to the fan sign"

t/n: you guys get the gist of it! Basically they're all closing down or going to "Rest" mode for the members' good and because they all hate Rotta

Let me explain the situation
DIA's company MBK contacted photographer Rotta, who is known for his lolita concept pictures > DIA's fans got mad so they started boycotting their Season greeting > Seeing their deficit, the company rushed and created a fan meeting to boost the sales > DIA's fansite managers decided to put their fansites on Close/Rest mode

There's also a minor among DIA's members named Eunchae

We request a feedback from MBK

post response: +50

original post: here

1. The fans are so cool...

2. Are they seriously that thoughtless??

3. I support those fansㅜㅜ  Seriously we need to get rid of those lolita pictures

4. Please make Kwansoo disappear... MBK wake up

5. I read somewhere that they started a movement/event to fire Kwangsoo...This seems to be getting bigger

6. That company will think twice from now on

7. Find strength fans... Wow this company is seriously hopeless

8. Wow... But the fans are seriously cool

9. Kwangsoo ssi, seriously please stop now.. He seriously can't do a single thing right

10. It's so cool to see the fans reacting fast like that and take action directly!


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